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Our Parish

Devenish Parish is one of a total of thirty seven parishes in the Diocese of Clogher. It is situated to the East of Lower Lough Erne in the North of County Fermanagh. The parish includes at least twenty islands of various sizes. A portion in the North East of the Parish lies in Co. Tyrone. There are over eight hundred households in the parish.


The Parish gets its name from Devenish Island which lies in the Parish. Devenish is one of Ireland’s most famous monasteries. It lies two and a half miles north of Enniskillen and was founded by St. Molaise in the sixth century. The monastic site contains one of the finest round towers in Ireland. The parish name changed several times in its history. In the eighteenth century it was known as “Derryvullen” (see Diocese of Clogher Parochial Records Vol 2 1920 by J E McKenna). In the early 1830’s the name changed to “Whitehill” because the Parish Priest’s house was adjacent to St. Molaise church in the town land of Whitehill South. The present name of “Devenish” was adopted in 1955.


Below are some photos of Whitehill Chapel, Devenish Round Tower and the Sacred Heart Church




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